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Meditating on the Beach
Website design and project assistance in devon

Welcome to Calm Sea Creative

Channelling transformative ideas, visions and belief in Self to heart-centred, soulful women all over the world.


Let me guide you inwards to deep, soulful inspiration and healing Light.


be still and know the depth of your Being

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The Healer by the Sea

I'm Charlotte, a healer, lightworker and creator of Calm Sea Creative. Using my deep connection to the sacred Light and Love, I channel ideas and visions to help bring clarity and peace to those seeking spiritual inspiration. My sessions are inspired and fed by nature, and my purpose is to empower clients to connect with the Light within, through meditation and mindfulness.


Just like a wild river flowing, my sessions are designed to help you find your own path and return to the Calm Sea.

email for information on working with Charlotte

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