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Website design, Admin support and Virtual Assistant in UK
Website design and project assistance in devon


Calm Sea Creative provides essential support for heart centred businesses and entrepreneurs, empowering you to find focus and clarity to progress your projects and ideas. With a soulful, creative assistant by your side, you can feel confident you are taking your dreams and visions to the next level.  


Project assistance and admin

Business Start-up

Our business start-up service is designed to empower soulful entrepreneurs and small businesses to bring your creative ideas and designs to life, connecting you to your purpose and building dreams that can be shared with the world.  Mood boards, journaling and visual to-do lists, we believe that when you have the right support and guidance, anything is possible.

Print designs for businesses

Creative Design Assistance

If you are starting a business or refreshing your existing one, our creative assistance service provides print designs and branding that will help you stand out. We create logos and business cards, as well as advert designs, to ensure you have a consistent brand presence that truly reflects who you are.  Need a website? We specialise in start-up Wix website designs, creating an online presence that truly reflects your purpose. I will work with you to bring your vision to life in the most connected and soulful way possible.


Spiritual Guidance and Well-Being

We provide powerful support to your health and well-being needs.  Building a successful business starts with our thoughts and dreams.  We effortlessly weave intuitive guidance in all we do.  Through mindfulness, meditation and energy work, we empower and ground your ideas to bring your big vision through.  Creating and maintaining a strong spiritual connection is essential for clarity, joy and success for soulful businesses.


Get in Touch

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